Student Drinking Games

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Nobody needs an incentive to drink beer. But the act of imbibing alcoholic fluids can become somewhat tedious. After exhausting all possible subjects of conversation, including football, sex and (god forbid) politics you sometimes grind to a halt. Should you sit there and continue to drink, as is your duty as a college student? Or should you look for ways of livening up the experience?

The same applies to parties. Once you’ve had a bit of a dance, browsed through the host’s CD collection, been rejected by all the available members of the opposite sex, you need a way to have fun, and we’re betting that drinking games will be the answer.

Drinking games offer the perfect solution to both of these scenarios. They don’t have to be played with beer, or even alcoholic drinks (allthough it helps!). All you need are a group of willing participants, a ready supply of drinks and a sense of humour. So find a local and get drinking.

One of the goals of our drinking games is to help warm up the social atmosphere at a party. Whether it’s during the academic year on campus, through spring break or even at a New Year’s Eve party, games will liven up any party. It really doesn’t matter whether you are playing poker or board games they all go over better after a few drinks. Why not play a few hands of Texas Hold ’em at so you can take down your friends at your next drinking game; after all bluffing is a little bit easier once you have had a few drinks.

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