Sex Master

A great game to play to get some action!!

How to Play

Game is simple, sit in a circle boy, girl, boy, girl. Roll two dice and follow the instructions below. Penalties are as follows:

2 - kiss anyone you want, if he/she is not willing then he/she must down his/her beer.
3 - drink one.
4 - nothing (roll ends).
5 - beer *****, you must get a beer for anyone who needs a beer. You can be told to drink by anyone.
6 - Sex Master (see rules below) roll ends.
7 - Kiss the person to the right of you and the person to the left drinks.
8 - nothing (roll ends, you must drink).
9 - social (everyone drinks).
10 - nothing (roll ends).
11 - kiss the person to your left and the person to the right drinks.
12 - drink twelve.

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