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Beer Blow

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An easy to master game for people with wet lips!

How to Play

All that is needed for this game is an empty beer bottle, a deck of cards and some people who can blow.

Set the empty bottle in the centre of a table and place the deck of cards, face down, on top of the bottle. Play should start with the person to the left of the person who placed the cards top of the bottle. Each player takes a turn blowing at the cards on top of the bottle in an attempt to blow some, not all of the cards off the bottle. The players can blow as many or as few cards off as they want. The player who blows the last card off the bottle consumes an entire beer.

That is it. Sounds easy does it not? Perhaps a little too easy? Try this little twist to the game, after a player blows cards off the bottle they have to get up and dance the twist. Just kidding. To make the game a little more interesting you can add in the rule that when ever a player blows an ace off the bottle, that player has to take a drink. So if a bunch of cards are blown off and there is an ace in the pile that was just blown off, the player who blew those cards off the bottle has to take one drink for each ace blown off the bottle.

This game may sound easy but you really can screw people while playing it. Especially if you are good enough to blow most of the cards off at once and leave the next player with only a couple left, almost ensuring that they will be drinking more than a few slugs of beer once they are done blowing.

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