Bluff Me

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A drinking game played with cards, bluffing and a lot of drinking!

How to Play

Deal 5 cards to each of the players in the game, and then lay out the remaining cards on the table. Each card on the table represents 2 fingers of drinking.

The dealer then turns over any card lying on the table. Players look at their hand and, if the revealed card has the same value as a card in their hand, they can nominate the 2 fingers to another player.

However, bluffing is possible, as the players do not have to show their card to prove they are telling the truth. If a player thinks they are being made to drink based on a bluff, then they can say “Bluff me!” and the other player must show the card. If you call a player’s bluff and they don’t have the right card, then the player who was bluffing must drink double (i.e. 4 fingers)/ However, if they DO have the card, then you must drink double.

The game continues until all the cards on the table have been turned over.

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