Bus Driver

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This is a two person game.

How to Play

Choose one person who is the “Bus Driver” and the other will be the “Rider”. The Bus Driver shuffles a deck of cards and deals 5 cards face down on the table. They will then ask the Rider whether the last card dealt is red or black. If the rider guesses wrong, then they must take one sip of they drink (which should be a spirit or other strong drink). The card they guessed is then discarded and the Bus Driver deals another 5 cards face down on top of the 4 that remain, and the process is repeated.

If the Rider guesses the colour of the card correctly, the Bus Driver then asks them whether or not the next card in the line will be higher or lower than the one that was just turned (Aces are low). If the Rider guesses this correctly, the Bus Driver continues turning the cards and asking the higher or lower question until the Rider either gets to the front of the bus (all the cards are gone) or guesses wrong.

If the Rider guesses wrong, then they must take a sip once for that card and once for every card that they guessed right previously in the string. The goal then is to get to the front of the bus in one string. This gets continually harder for every card that is dealt out. When the person gets to the front of the bus, every person in the room has to finish their drinks within 2 minutes. You can also play Ride the Plane which is the same except you deal 10 cards out for every wrong guess.

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