Circle Of Death

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An easy, yet complex drinking game, using all that a deck of cards can possibly offer to get you drunk before you even realise the game is over!

How to Play

Sit with a group of people (at least four players is best) at a table. In the centre of the table place a pint of beer. Place a deck of cards, face down, around the pint so that it forms a ring of cards.

Have one person start by pulling a card out of the ring of cards, being careful not to break it. Each card in the game has its own special meaning. Black cards mean “take” and red cards mean “give.” When a 2, 3, 5, 7, 8 or a 10 is pulled, if it is black, the person who pulled the card must “take” that number of sips of their drink (be it beer or a mixed drink) and if it is red, the person who pulled the card has the option of splitting up the number of drinks to many different people of to “give” all the sips to one person.

When a 4 is pulled, “4’s are for whores,” so all the women at the table have to drink and when a 6 is pulled, “6’s are for dicks,” so all the guys at the table must drink.

When a 9 is pulled, “9 is rhyme time.” The person who pulls it has to sat one line of a rhyme and then the person next to them must continue the rhyme and so on, around the table. Whoever messes up the rhyme or can’t think of something to say has to drink.

When a jack is pulled, it is time to finish the sentence. The person who pulled the jack starts off by saying one word, the next person must continue the sentence by both repeating the word said by the previous person and adding there own word to it. (ex. my, my head, my head hurts, my head hurts from, my head hurts from drinking, etc.) The first person to forget to repeat all of the words before them or to not be able to finish the sentence, must drink.

When a queen is pulled, it is waterfall time. The waterfall starts by each person starting to drink their drink at the same time, however no one can stop until the person in line before them does, so the person who pulls the queen must stop first and so on. Leaving the person to the beginner’s right to be the last one to be drinking.

When a king is pulled, it is “never have I ever” time. The person who pulled the king says “never have I ever…” and then adds something to the end of that to be true for them. Then anyone who has done that thing must drink.

When an ace is pulled, its time to finish the cup. Whoever pulls the ace must finish the pint in the middle of the circle.

The first person, and every subsequent person, who breaks the ring of cards by pulling a card leaving two cards not connected, must chug all of their drink, after which, the ring may be pushed back together to complete the circle again.

Continue to play until all of the cards are gone. Then mix ’em up, top ’em off and start all over again.

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