Drug Dealer

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A simple game that can be played whilst doing other things at a party, although it does help if the players sit in a circle while playing, and are not spread about the room.

How to Play

Take a number of cards out of a deck, equal to the number of people playing. There should always be one King and one Ace, plus a variety of numbered cards. Deal these cards out, face down, one to each player. The person who gets the King is the police officer, the person who gets the Ace is the drug dealer, whilst everyone else are bystanders.

It is the drug dealer’s task to wink at another player very VERY discreetly; after an indeterminate amount of time, the person who has been winked at must say “The deal has been made”. The player who has been designated the police officer must then identify themselves and try to work out who the dealer is. If they choose the wrong player, then they must drink the number shown on the card, and then choose again. If they are wrong again, they must drink the number on that card. When the police officer chooses correctly, the drug dealer must drink the number of cards remaining (not the total of the numbers on the cards). The cards are then re-dealt and the game starts again.

This is an excellent game for when people don’t feel like playing a game, as it’s the regular socialising that helps disguise any winks and keep the police officer on their toes. If you want to increase the buzz factor, play with high numbered cards.

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