Give One, Take One

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To play Give One, Take One, you’ll need two decks of cards that have been shuffled and cut.

How to Play

The host acts as the first dealer, who should give each player (including themselves) 4 cards, face up. They then deal a card off the top so that everyone can see its face value. Each person who has a card that matches that number must say ‘I give a drink to (name)”. That person must then drink one full mouthful of their chosen alcoholic beverage. If the player with the matching card has 2 of the same card, they may instruct 2 different individuals to take a drink, or may “give” both drinks to one individual.

Next, the dealer deals another card; any player who has a matching card, must take a drink (or 2 if they have 2 matching cards).

The dealer deals another card, but this time, instead of the person who has the card giving only 1 drink, they must give out 2 drinks; these can be split up any way. Then the dealer deals again, and any person with the card dealt must take 2 drinks. Continue until ‘Give 4, Take 4’ has ended, at which point the games goes back to ‘Give 1, Take 1. When the deck is completely flipped, pass the deck to the next dealer.

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