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To play this game based on the game of ice hockey, you’ll need a deck of cards, 4 people, and plenty of beer.

How to Play

Divide the players into 2 teams of 2, and sit so that partners are across the table from each other. As in the actual game of hockey, there are 3 periods, each of which consists of 3 hands; the first one each player receives 5 cards each, the other 2 they receive only 4.

The object of the game is score as many points as possible. Play begins to the left of the dealer, and a card is placed face up in the middle of the table. The next player must try to match the card played previously. A pass is when a single match is made, a score is made when 2 matches are made by the same team (without the identical card being played by the other team in between), a check is when 3 identical cards in a row are played, whilst a rumble is when 4 identical cards in a row are played. Jacks are wild. Jacks pass ONLY and NEVER score, check or rumble.

  • 1st match = Pass (other team must drink 1)
  • 2nd match = Score (other team must drink 2)
  • 3rd identical card played in a row = Check(other team must drink 3)
  • 4th identical card played in a row = Rumble (other team must shotgun one)

Play continues until all cards in that hand are played. The person opposite the dealer is designated “Skippy the Zamboni driver” and must clean the ice between hands. If they don’t do it before the next hand is dealt or doesn’t make it clean enough, they must drink. Nobody else but Skippy may touch the ice. If someone does they must drink. Skippy is also responsible for fetching beers or filling up everyone’s drinks.

After Skippy has cleaned the ice, the next hand begins by playing off the current card on top of the discard pile. When all 3 hands have been played, the deck is passed to the left and you now have a new dealer and a new Skippy for the next period.

The winner of the game is the team with the highest score. If the game is tied after 3 periods (decks) play may continue in sudden death overtime until the first score is made.

An example game might be as follows:

Players 1 and 3 are team A and players 2 and 4 are team B.

Player 1 hand = Jack, 3, 5, 5

Player 2 hand = King, Jack, 3, 2

Player 3 hand = 3, 2, Ace, 6

Player 4 hand = Jack, 3, 8, 2

Player 1 plays a 5 (since they have two 5s and odds are that player 2 may not have one)

Player 2 plays an Jack and says “Jack pass drink 1” and team A drinks one

Player 3 plays a 6 (since they can’t play a Jack)

Player 4 plays a Jack and says “Jack pass drink 1.” and team A drinks one (since they can’t match the 6 to score and wants to keep puck control)

Player 1 plays a Jack and says “Steal pass drink 1.” and team B drinks one (since Jacks pass and never score, team A team gains control of the puck)

Player 2 plays a 3

Player 3 plays a 3 and says “SCORE! Drink 2” and team B drinks two

Player 4 plays a 3 and says “Check, drink 2.” and team A team drinks two (since this check was after the score it is considered poor sportsmanship, but this IS hockey)

Player 1 plays a 3 and says “Rumble. SHOTGUN 1!” and team B shotguns one

Player 2 plays a 2

Player 3 plays a 2 and says “Pass drink 1” and team B drinks one

Player 4 plays a 2 and says “Check drink 2.” and team A drinks two (Also, nobody has control of the puck at this point, and the next match will be a pass)

Player 1 plays a 5 (since they played one before and player 2 couldn’t match it)

Player 2 plays a King

Player 3 plays an Ace

Player 4 plays an 8 and says “Skippy, clean the ice.”

The cards are then dealt for the next period.

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