In Betweenies

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This card drinking game involves betting a certain amount of drink on the next card to be turned over.

How to Play

Each player is first dealt 2 cards face down. Taking it in turns, players turns their cards over. Each player must bet a certain number of fingers of drink on whether they think the next card turned over from the pack will have a value in-between the two cards they have in front of them (aces are low in this game).

For example, if the player has a 3 and an 8, they might want to bet 3 fingers; if a Queen is then turned over (outside the cards) then the player wins the bet and can nominate another player to drink the stake that was bet (3 fingers). If, however, a 6 is turned over (in between) then the player loses the bet and drinks the stake bet themselves.

If the card turned over is equal to either of the two cards then the player must drink double the stake bet. This is called “Hitting the posts”. So in this example, if either a 3 or 8 is turned over, then they must drink 6 fingers.

Cards are left turned up on the table until everyone has had one turn each. The whole deck is then re-shuffled.

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