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Wanted to tell you about a drinking game my friends and I play called Jail.

How to Play

You need to get a few decks together, and this can be played with any number of people. Probably 1 deck for every 3 people is a good number of cards.

Basically you just go in a circle and give everyone a card, they must then do the following depending on the card they get:

2 – Drink 2, throw card in discard pile
3 – Drink 3, throw card in discard pile
4 – Drink 4, throw card in discard pile
5 – They are in Jail, any time anyone else drinks the people in jail must drink too. They hold onto this card
6 – Stand up card, they hold onto this card too, and as long as they have a 6 they must remain standing
7 – Sit down, they may use a 7 to cancel out a 6 and sit down. Throw both the 6 and 7 back
8 – Rule card, player make any rule they want, or cancel someone else’s rule. They can also set a punishment for those who break the rule, usually drinking, but could be taking off an article of clothing or something of the like. You may hold on to this card until you want to make a rule
9 – Piss card. No one is allowed to go to the bathroom without turning in a 9 card
10 – Get out of jail, you can turn it in with your 5 to get out of jail or hold onto it and save it for later
Jack – Give one drink
Queen – Give 2 drinks
King – Give 3 drinks
Ace – Give 4 drinks

Players can trade cards. If a player gets 5 of the same card, it becomes the same as an 8, and they can make a rule.

Cards do not double up if you get more than one. So if you get 2 fives you do not have to drink 2 every time someone else drinks one, you still just have to drink whenever someone else does.

When the deck runs out take the discard pile, shuffle, and start over.

It is a lot of fun with 5-10 people.

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