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A game that would have Hercules Poirot turning in his grave. Turn detective and force the killer to drink.

How to Play

You will need 5 people to play, and a deck of cards. The person who suggests the game draws out 4 black cards and one red card. The cards are placed on playing surface and mixed around by a player not being the one who chose the cards. All the players choose one card from the five on the playing surface the player that picks that gets the red card Is the “killer”. Everyone stares at each other and at the right time the “killer” winks at another player that player must put in his card and chug drink or shoot, according to what you are drinking.

This goes on and on with the players become “detectives” trying to figure out who the killer is. If they are wrong (each player only gets one guess) they must drink. If it is right then the killer must then drink what is left of each players drink.

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