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Pyramid is a great little concentration game. You will need a good sized table and at least one deck of cards, depending on the number of players and the size of the pyramid you wish to create. Before beginning play create a pyramid of cards by laying them face down on the table in descending rows of one, two, and so on with the final row consisting of at least five cards. If you wish to make a larger pyramid you must allow enough cards to remain so that four cards can be dealt to each player.

How to Play

Deal out four cards to each player. Players should look at their cards but, under no circumstances, should they allow another player to see them. If other players see your hand then, suffice to say, you are in for a long night The object of the game is to make other players drink based on what cards they think you have in your hand.

Begin the game by flipping over the first card at the top of the pyramid. If a player wishes, he or she may tell another player to drink one, regardless of whether or not they have that card in their hand, (by value, not suit). The player chosen to consume may either do so or ask to see the corresponding card in the hand of the person asking them to drink. If the player has the card they must show it and the individual chosen to consume must drink twice, or double the amount indicated by the row from which the card was flipped. If he or she does not have the card then they must drink double the amount of the original drink given. When all players have finished consuming any assigned drinks, the next card to the right in the pyramid is flipped. If the card is the last of its row then the next card flipped is at the far left hand side of the next row.

The number of cards in each row corresponds to the number of drinks that a player has to take when he or she is given a drink. In other words, as the game progresses from row to row, the amount of drinking is increased by one with each descending row. Players should take note of cards flipped and cards players are forced to show. Such memorization is vital to your survival. Play ends when the last card in the last row is drawn.

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