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Ride the Bus

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How to Play

Deal 9 cards face down on a table in a 3×3 square formation, and then deal out the remaining cards evenly between the players. Any spare cards should be put aside.

One at a time, the 9 cards on the table are turned over. If any players have a card in their hand matching the value of the card that is turned over, then they place those cards on top of the card on the table. For each card they place on the table, they can nominate 3 fingers for other players to drink, and distribute those 3 fingers as they wish. Continue until all the 9 cards on the table have been turned over.

The dealer then shuffles the cards and lays 9 cards face down on the table in a diamond-like ‘1-2-3-2-1’ formation. At this point, any player who still has all the cards they were dealt at the beginning of the game must ‘ride the bus’. All the players who are ‘riding the bus’ play together and must turn the cards over from one side of the diamond to another without turning over a face card (Jack, Queen, King) or an ace. Only a card adjacent to one already turned over may be selected. If a face card or an ace is revealed, the players riding the bus must drink 3 fingers. The cards are then all re-covered from the rest of the pack, and the players must start riding the bus again.

Only when they reach the other side of the diamond without revealing a face or an ace have the players succeeded in riding the bus. The cards are then shuffled and play begins again from the start.

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