Screw Your Neighbour

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This game can be played with 4 people or more (in fact, the more the merrier!); the object is not to end up with the lowest card (where King is high and Ace is low).

How to Play

Players are all dealt one card. Each player then looks at their card; if it is a King, then they must immediately flip it over and place it in front of themselves. The player sitting to the left of the dealer then has the option to switch cards with the player on their left (if they think their card is a low one) or they may keep the card by saying “pass”. Play proceeds in a clockwise manner with each person either keeping the card dealt (or traded) to them, or trading with the person on their left. The dealer, who goes last, has the option of either keeping their card or taking one from the deck. A flipped King cannot be traded for, so the person to the right of the King is stuck with their card for the round.

After the dealer makes their choice (keep their card / pick from the deck), all the cards are turned over and the person with the lowest takes a big swig of beer (or shot). If there are ties, all losers drink.

As the dealer can always trade with the deck (i.e. they cannot get stuck next to a King), they are at an advantage and so the deal rotates after each round.

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