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Spoons is a game of speed, dexterity, luck and spite. To play, you’ll need 4 or more players, cards, a spoon for every player (except 1), and of course, lots of beer!

How to Play

Get a spoon for every player except one (so if there are 7 players, get 6 spoons) and place them on the table. The cards should be dealt out so that each player receives an equal number (5-7 works best). The dealer begins by drawing a card from the deck and either keeping it and discarding one from their hand or passing it on to the player on their right. The next player in line then looks at the card and does the same. Cards are passed completely around the table as many times as it takes.

As soon as one person gets four-of-a-kind, they must grab a spoon from the pile, at which point everyone else must also scramble for a spoon; the loser being the one who misses out. If two players grab a spoon and neither lets go, the one holding the bowl end wins.

Suggested drinking rules for the loser are polishing off their whole drink, or drinking for the number of seconds as the denomination of the winning 4-of-a-kind.

Penalty drinks are levied against anyone who is caught with more than the original number of cards in their hand at any time during the game, or if someone is obviously ignoring the cards and watching the spoons.

A good tip when playing this game is to take the spoon VERY discreetly when you’ve got a 4 of a kind; most players are so intent on their cards they completely miss it. Alternatively, if you’re feeling spiteful, smash the spoons all over the place when you pick, as this will create a mad rush to grab spoons off the floor and out from under chairs (and people).

Alternative Version

Take one denomination of card from the deck for each player, so if there are 4 players, take the Aces, Kings, Queens and Jacks from the deck. If there are 12 players, use the whole deck. Place the spoons on the table as before.

Shuffle the cards well and deal them out, so that each player has 4 cards. Everyone picks up their cards, and then the dealer calls “Pass!”, at which point every player must take one card from their hand and pass it to the left. The dealer can also shout “Pass right!” to change direction. The game works best if the dealer calls every 3-4 seconds, so that nobody has a chance to relax with their cards.

As soon as someone gets four-of-a-kind, that player must grab a spoon and put down their cards. All the other players then have to grab for a spoon, the loser being the one left out.

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