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Strip Kings

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Combined mixed gender strip/drinking game, 5-10 people.

Aim of the game is to avoid being the player having to pick up the King of Hearts, and consequently down the drink whilst nude.

Playing Instructions

Players are seated in a circle, usually arranged boy-girl-boy-girl.

A pint glass is placed in centre of the group, and a pack of Anglo-American playing cards spread evenly around the glass – with the exception of the King of Hearts – this is placed underneath the pint glass.

Select a random person to begin the game (‘Player A’)

Player A picks a random card from those surrounding the glass.

Each card represents an action/forfeit which must be carried out…

Playing Rules

ALL cards of the ‘Hearts’ suit requires you to remove one item of clothing, without exception. Note: item of clothing removed is ALWAYS your own choice.

Cards of all other suits (Clubs, Spades, Diamonds) require you to follow the actions as stated below…

2 – drink 2 fingers (gulps) of your drink

3 – drink 3 fingers (gulps) of your drink

4 – is for “whores” – all females must drink 2 fingers

5 – Thumbmaster – player can use this card at any time by placing their thumb on the table. Last player to then subsequently put their thumb on the table drinks 3 fingers.

6 – is for “dicks” – all males must drink 2 fingers

7 – Reverse direction of play

8 – “nominate” – nominate any other player to drink 3 fingers

9 – “rhyme” – player says a word, next player must say a word which rhymes and so on. Word must be a legitimate word in English/American dictionary. Player has 5 seconds to answer. First player to mess up or reach time limit drinks 2 fingers.

10 – theme – player choses a category (eg. states of America), first person who cannot correctly name one, or reaches time limit (5 seconds) drinks 2 fingers.

J – “joker” – this card can be used to block any action/forfeit or nomination. If in a state of undress can be used immediately to retrieve the last item of clothing removed (only to be used once).

Q – Question card – player can retain this card for use at any time (but only once). The aim is to get a fellow player to answer your question with “Yes” or “No” or any accepted variation. If they do, they must drink 2 fingers. If they don’t, you must drink 2 fingers.

K – pour your drink into the central pint glass, filling it one third full.

A – allows you to nominate any other player to remove one item of clothing.

The game then continues in a clockwise direction (only altering when a 7 of Clubs, Spades, Diamonds is played).
Once cards have been used they must be placed into a central pile – with the exception of Kings.

Game continues with all drinking/clothing forfeits being carried out until the FIRST person ends up ‘naked’.

Upon this occurring they should stand and pick up the drink in the centre, revealing the final King of Hearts – officially denouncing them the loser.

The drunk should then be downed by the loser.

Once the drink has successfully been seen off the game ends and all clothes can be reclaimed.

In the event that all cards have been chosen but the game is yet to reach its conclusion, the cards in the central pile are to be re-spread around the central pint glass (remember to exclude the Kings). Any ‘Question’ or ‘Thumbs’ cards are carried over.

Clothing Removal Rules

Players are permitted to begin with any number of items of clothing up to a maximum of 6.

If a Heart is picked or an Ace is played, ONE of item of clothing of your choice is to be removed.

Clothes worn in pairs are to be removed as one (eg. socks/shoes)

Jewellery and other accessories do not count as items of clothing.

In the event of private areas being exposed they can be covered or sheilded by your own body parts only (ie. hands over boobs). No cushions or pillows should be used. (this can be revised to suit).

The only exception to this is if you are the ‘loser’ at the end. In this scenario you should hold the glass with one hand and hold the King of Hearts behind your back in the other.

A common house rule of this game is an agreement that no photos or videos are to be taken for the duration of the game.

Game submitted by Brooke Thompson – thanks!

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