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What You Will Need

  • A pitcher and a pint
  • A Quarter
  • Beer
  • People (2 and up)

How to Play

You place the pitcher in the middle of a table and who ever wants to start pours how ever much he/she wants into it. Keep that beer off to the side because at any time any player can add beer to the middle cup. Then the person to the left of the person who started opens a second beer and pours however much he wants into the pint. Then takes the quarter and spins it on the table. He/she has to finish what he poured into the pint and slam it down on the table over the spinning quarter. If the pint is not finished when the quarter stops spinning that player has to drink the middle cup. Players take turns moving around to the left.

Now the game gets interesting. Who ever finishes the first beer and successfully spins the quarter gets to place it as a “mine” on the table. The mine can be placed right in front of any other player making it hard for them to spin the quarter, but the player cannot get off the seat of his chair to place it.

At any time any player can slam his hand down on the table over the quarter and call out either heads or tails. If he is right the player who spun the quarter drinks the middle cup but if he is wrong he has to drink the middle cup. The game keeps going on until there is no beer left or there are no more places on the table to put a mine.

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