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The game that acts as a basis of most coin games you will see.

How to Play

Place a shallow whisky glass in the middle of the table. All the players stand around with a 1p coin. They then take turns to bounce their coin off the table and into the glass. If you are successful you can nominate any other player to drink and have a second go. If you miss you forfeit your turn and play passes to the next person. If you get three bounces in a row into the glass you can create a new rule (could be standing on one leg, bouncing with the other hand etc.). If anyone then breaks that rule they have to drink.

Variation 1

You fill the glass with beer and if you are successful you can nominate anyone playing to consume the glass with the beer and coin in it (do not swallow the coin!).

Variation 2

If the player bounces the coin on the rim of the glass and misses, he or she must drink the glass themselves.

Variation 3

Double or Quits. After missing the glass instead of forfeiting your turn you can announce double or quits, if you get the next bounce in you can nominate any player to take two drinks. If you miss you must take the two drinks yourself.

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