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Penny Hit Me

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A game not for the fainthearted nor members of society of sober habit but for two or more players with an hour or more to spend in the company of similarly-jovial characters.


A pub table of whatever dimension but preferably large – the surface must have the requisite degree of stickiness, so if smooth, tip a glass of worst bitter over it and let it dry au natural (go get another beer).

  • One 1p coin or similar [“Penny”]
  • Six 5p coins or similar
  • One 10p coin or similar per player [the “Spinners”]
  • 3+ pints of best ale per person prior to the start of play

Before You Start

  1. Arrange the 5p coins in a hexagon shape at the centre of the table, each coin at a point in the hexagon; ensure that the gap between the coins is at least twice the diameter of a spinner.
  2. Place Penny in the centre of the hexagon.
  3. Have another ale each and clear the table top of remains of crisps and other impeding food items.
  4. Sort out whether players will play individually or in teams, and any other requisite niceties.

How to Play

  1. Player 1 [(s)he who bought the last round] places their spinner on edge at the edge of the table, or at some pre-agreed distance from the hexagon, and flicks it towards the hexagon; the aim is to spin the coin into or over the hexagon, into the centre, strike Penny, and exit the hexagon again [a “hit”].
  2. Note that “on the line is in”, i.e. the spinner must fully exit the hexagon, and should it come to rest on the imaginary line between any two adjoining 5p coins, it has not successfully exited the hexagon [see below for determination rules].
  3. Also note that if the spinner moves one of the 5p coins in its travels, that 5p coin remains where it falls for the purposes of that turn, and the line between it and adjoining 5p coins becomes the line of demarcation for determining whether or not the spinner has successfully exited the hexagon; the 5p coin is replaced at its original position only at the completion of that player’s turn.
  4. One point is scored for a successful hit.
  5. Should the spinner strike Penny more than once in any successful turn, a point is scored for each strike.
  6. Once player 1’s turn is completed, their spinner is left on the table.
  7. Player 2 then repeats the above; at the completion of their turn, their spinner is left on the table and player 1’s spinner is removed.
  8. Repeat ad infinitum ad nauseam until the game is over, the point of which shall be determined by any of the following means:
    1. when a pre-arranged number of points has been attained by one player [the boring ending].
    2. when any two or more players are too drunk to spin.
    3. when the beer runs out.
    4. when the bar closes.
    5. any or all of the above in combination.


  1. Should a player’s spinner enter the hexagon, hit Penny but fail to exit the hexagon, that player must drink.
  2. On a point being scored, all players at the table except the scorer are required to drink.
  3. Should a spinner fly over [rather than spin through] the hexagon “wall” and into the centre, and have a successful hit, then all players (including in particular the scorer) are required to shout the word “Arsenal” and drain their ale; failure to do so may result in disqualification from the game [see below] and certainly means that “it’s your round”.
  4. Should a player fail to achieve a spin with their spinner, they must forfeit their turn and take a drink – the spinner of the previous player remains on the table.
  5. The final arbiter in any dispute over any rule, determination of a hit, determination of disqualification under the Arsenal rule, or any other matter associated with the game is the person who shouted the last round!
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