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All you need is 2 quarters, 2 shot glasses, and a mug.

How to Play

Start by setting up in a circle, fill the mug about halfway then pass out the shot glasses, with a quarter. It’s best to start the shot glasses across the table from each other.

Once you start you just try and bounce your quarter into the shot glass. Once you make it in you pass it to your left. If you make it in on your first shot then you can pass it to whoever you want.

Players race around the circle trying to pass off the shot glass before the other one laps them. If the person to your right makes the shot before you do then they have to put their shot glass in yours to end the round.

Next, put one shot glass upside down and stack the other on top to form a tower to shoot at. You get one last shot to make it. If you make it the person who capped your shot glass has to drink what’s in the mug in the middle. If you miss you drink.

The person that drank then fills up the mug to whatever height they want, passes the shot glasses to whoever they want (except for two people next to each other) and a new round begins.

With more people, throwing in one or two extra glasses/quarters makes things a lot more interesting.

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