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How to Play

The players sit around a table, and place both their hands onto the surface, interlocking them with the players on either side of them. So looking in front of you, you will see:

Your Left Hand, the Right Hand of the player to the left of you, the Left Hand of the player to the right of you, your Right Hand.

The game can now begin: one person calls out “To my right” or “To my left” and slaps the table with one of their hands. A slapping wave must then go around the table in the specified direction as each person slaps their hands in sequence. Anybody who slaps their hand at the wrong time, or who fails to slap their hand at the right time, drinks 3 fingers.

As the game continues, more elements can be added. For example, if a player clenches their fist and hits the table with their knuckles instead of slapping the table, they can call out another player’s name and their left or right hand and the play skips to that player’s hand, with the direction of play kept the same. For example, calling “Bob Right!” shifts the play to Bob’s right hand. Other variations includes using a ‘double slap’ – slapping the table twice – to reverse the direction of the wave, and using a ‘triple slap’ to cause the next hand to be skipped.

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