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Switch Hand Drinking Game

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The rules are almost identical to the popular card game “Switch”, except without the cards. Minimum # of players: 4. Although, as with most games – the more the merrier.

Setting Up

  • 4 players sit round a table in a circle.
  • Each player puts both hands out onto the table.
  • Hands must interlock (i.e. [for 4 players] Player1Right,P4Left,P2Right,P1Left,P3Right,P2Left,P4Right,P3Left,P1Right and so on)
  • 3 shots must be placed at each hand of every player.

How to Play

The game is a sequence of taps on the table. Each hand must tap in the order it is on the table when it is that hands turn. 1 tap = continue the sequence 2 taps = reverse sequence and continue 3 taps = miss next hand and continue sequence 4 taps = reverse, miss next hand, then continue sequence.

The Drinking

Every time a player misses a tap when it is there turn they must drain the glass. Every time a player taps when it is not there turn to tap they must drain the glass.

Crowning a Winner

Once all three shots have been drunk on the offending hand – the hand is withdrawn from the game. Once a player has both hands withdrawn from the game they are out. The game continues until there is only 2 hands left on the table. These two hands can belong to the same person or be one hand each from 2 people. Winner = Person with a hand on the table when the game ends. Loser = Person whose hand was last to be eliminated before the game ends. The consequence for the loser is he or she must drain every shot left on the table (a maximum of 7 – 2 hands with 3 and one from there own, a minimum of 3 – 2 hands with 1 and there own).

Crowning a Champion

Play again – this time replacing 3 shots for 2 on each hand. Play again – this time replacing 2 shots for 1 on each hand. Champion is crowned as the person who wins the 1 shot per hand game.

Crowning a Deity

Play again to crown a new champion. And again and again if need be. Deity is crowned as the person who puts there hands in at every round played through every championship until all players drop out or pass out.

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