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A simple game, similar to Bunnies. Although there is no limit on number of players, more than 10 or so is not recommended.

How to Play

The players sit in a circle, and one person makes “Viking horns” (put your thumbs in your ears and wiggle your remaining fingers for a second or two). They then clap both palms together, and points them at any other player, who must also then do “Viking horns”. In addition, the player on each side of the “Viking” must “steer the boat”, which entails rowing to whatever side of the Viking the player is sitting on; so the person to the left of the Viking rows left, and the person on the right rows the boat right. The Viking then claps both palms together and designates another Viking.

This continues until either the designated Viking misses their cue, or either rower fails to row the boat in the appropriate direction, at which point they must drink, before resuming play with the “horns”.

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