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Catch The Pig

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A great game with a combination of luck and, well luck really!!

How to Play

You will need two dice for this one and about 6-8 people. Everyone sits around a table. Give a die to two different people sitting opposite from each other.

The game starts with everyone shouting “Catch the Pig”. Then the players with the die throw it as quickly as possible trying to get a “one”. You take as many throws as needed. Once you have thrown a “one” give the die to you neighbour to the right.

The object of the game is to “catch” the next person, “the pig”, to your right, who is still throwing the die and waiting for a “one”. When this happens the game stops and the person “caught” has to sink their drink.

The game starts again with everyone shouting “Catch the Pig”, after giving one of the die to the person across from the loser.

Additional Rules

You can throw the dice as slow or fast as you want, which gives you a chance to manipulate the game. For example, you can wait till the other die is close to you before trying to get a one. Then you can try to catch your neighbour once the other die gets to you.

If the die jumps across the table or falls down, nobody has to help retrieve it. It is allowed, but… Obviously there is a good chance to lose that round when you are rooting around on the floor.

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