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To play this game, you’ll need 2 dice and a cup to roll them in. The object of the game is to roll the dice, and to beat or tie with the previous roller’s score.

How to Play

The first player places the dice in the cup, shakes it, and then turns it upside down on the table in such a way that no one sees what numbers the dice read. Without disturbing the dice, the player who rolled the dice carefully lifts the cup, and looks at the dice, without allowing anyone else to see them. They then replace the cup over the dice.

The dice are always read high dice first (don’t add them), so for example, a 6 and a 2 is read 62, whilst a 2 and a 5 is read 52. Any double is treated as the value of one of the dice multiplied by a hundred (thus double 3 is 300) – see the table below for a summary.

There are also a number of special throws: a 2 and a 1 is known as a Mexicali, and beats all other throws, a 3 and a 1 is a Reverse, and reverse the direction of play, and a 3 and a 2 is a social, where everybody must take a drink. All these special throws cancel out the previous roller’s score, so the current roller doesn’t have to worry about having to beat it. A score of Mexicali means that everyone else has to drink 3 times, and the roller rolls again. Anyone caught bluffing a Mexicali must down their whole drink.

Once the player has seen the dice, they may call out a number; this may either be the score on the dice, or, if this figure is lower than the previous player, then they must bluff and call out a higher number. The player to the roller’s right (victim) then chooses to accept this figure, or to call their bluff.

If the victim accepts the figure, they take the cup and re-roll the dice (they cannot look to check whether or not the roller was bluffing). They must then call out a figure higher than the value just accepted.

However, if the victim calls their bluff, they lift the cup and reveal the dice. If the roller was telling the truth, and the numbers match what they called, then the victim drinks, and the roller may roll again. If the numbers don’t match (i.e. roller was lying), then the roller drinks and the victim becomes the new roller. The victim is the only person who can call the roller’s bluff.

Combination Score
1:1 100
2:1 Mexicali – beats all
2:2 200
3:1 Reverses direction and previous score cancelled
3:2 Everybody drinks, previous score cancelled
3:3 300
4:1 41
4:2 42
4:3 43
4:4 400
5:1 51
5:2 52
5:3 53
5:4 54
5:5 500
6:1 61
6:2 62
6:3 63
6:4 64
6:5 65
6:6 600
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