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Similar to Mexicali, this game takes a little time to catch onto, but once understood, is quite a competitive game.

How to Play

Choose a person to go first; they must throw 2 dice, and have up to three throws to obtain the best score they can. The scores are as follows:

Combination Score
1:1 100
2:1 Mexican – beats all other throws. If any player throws one of these, the eventual loser has to drink double the standard drinking quantity being used for the game. Each subsequent Mexican in that round will double the required drink for loser.
2:2 200
3:1 Scumbag: the thrower immediately has to consume one drink. This throw does not count as one of the thrower’s goes.
3:2 32
3:3 300
4:1 41
4:2 42
4:3 43
4:4 400
5:1 51
5:2 52
5:3 53
5:4 54
5:5 500
6:1 61
6:2 62
6:3 63
6:4 64
6:5 65
6:6 600

The starter may decide to throw once, twice or 3 times to get the best score; however, it is the last throw that counts – not the best score of all the throws. So if they score 42, then 100 with their first two throws and elect to take a third throw, they must count the third throw even if it’s lower.

Every subsequent player can throw as may many times as the starter; if they threw 3 times, then everybody else may choose to throw the dice up to 3 times. However, if they only threw once, then so must everyone else.

If the players have more than one throw available to them, they may elect to hold a 1 or a 2 (if thrown) for subsequent throws. This tactic will increase their chance of throwing a Mexican, but will also increasing their chance of a low score or Scumbag. If they throw a scumbag, they are not permitted to hold the 1.

The loser is the person who throws the lowest score, and must drink a specified amount. In the event of a tie, all players with the lowest score must roll a dice and the lowest number loses.

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