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Century Club

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Also known as Centurions.

For those who think power hour isn’t good enough.

How to Play

You need a ready supply of beer and some pre-marked 25ml shot glasses. A stopwatch is also required.

Every minute for 100 minutes you must drink one shot of beer, no more, no less. At the start of the game you will be gagging for a drink, but by the end, you will be wondering who switched the light off and why you are face down in the toilet.

Variation 1

Assign a King and a Village Idiot to the group. No-one but the king is allowed to go to the toilet and the village idiot must drink double every minute (i.e. 2 shots). When the King goes to the toilet he is immediately demoted to Village Idiot on his return and must catch up on the missed beer within the next two minutes. Anyone else going to the toilet must drink a 1/2 pint extra as punishment before the end of the 100 mins.

Variation 2

Atomic Century Club is played exactly the same as Century Club except every tenth shot has to be a shot of Tequila. This means you are consuming one shot of Tequila every ten minutes. Good luck finishing this one without puking.

300 Variation

300 (Spartans). Played the same as century club (centurions), however you do 300 shots in 300 minutes.

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