Pub Golf

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A variation on the old fashioned pub crawl, where scores are awarded for the number of strokes (gulps) it takes you to finish your pint in each pub.

How to Play

For this game you will need a judge and some paper and a pen to write down scores. At each pub players buy a pint and then must consume it in as few sips as possible in front of the judge. For instance if they down their pint in one there score for that hole is one. If it takes them 3 attempts to finish their beer, their score is 3 for that hole.

At the end of the last hole, the person with the lowest score wins. When approaching the final hole if two players are “tied” for the lead the last hole becomes a speed hole, with the first person to finish their pint deemed the winner.

Girls have to consume full pints in the first and last pubs, but may drink 1/2 pints in all the other pubs.

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