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Finger It

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A quick-fire drinking game, which needs no skill whatsoever, other than the ability to count.

How to Play

Each player puts one finger on the rim of a glass that has been placed in the centre of the table. After a count of 3, everyone must either leave their finger on the glass or take it away; this must happen quickly, without any time for thought. However, before this happens, the first player in the circle must predict how many fingers will be left on the glass when everyone has moved their finger (or not).

When this has happened, the number of fingers left on the glass are counted, and if the person predicting the number has guessed correctly, they are out of the game and safe from drinking. If they guess wrong, then they must stay in the game. Everyone then puts their fingers back on the glass, and the next person round predicts the number.

The game continues until only one person is left; this loser must down their drink before the whole game starts again.

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