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Peanut Races

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A great simple game with a touch of luck involved.

How to Play

You need a bag of salted peanuts and full pints of lager all round. On the count 3, 2, 1, go everyone drops their peanut into their pint. The peanut will sink to the bottom, then bubbles will form around it and it will rise slowly back up to the surface. The person whose peanut is last to reach the top must sink their pint in one with the peanut still in it and buy another pint.

Before each round the players should fish the peanut out of their pint and choose a new one. Loser gets the first pick, and so on. Lay the nuts out in a row on the table so everyone can choose. If anyone drops their peanut too early or misses the glass altogether they become the loser, similarly if anyone points at the loser, they must join them in sinking their pint.

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