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Russian Beer Roulette

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Also known as Beer Hunter.

The rules are so easy for this game, that even a drunk person can understand them! All you need is a six pack, a box, and at least 2 people to play it with you.

How to Play

Blindfold two contestants and sit them across a table from each other. Take a six-pack of beer and remove them from the rings, place them on the table near the prisoners. Take one can and shake it – not just a bit but REALLY shake it, until it’s about to explode. Mix this can in with the rest of the beer so that no one knows where it is.

Remove the players’ blindfolds, and ask the first player to choose a can. The spectators then bet on whether or not this is the shaken can. The player then takes the can and holds it under their nostrils, before cracking it open. If the player survives, they pick a can and give it to the opposite player. Spectators who lost the bet must drink. When a player loses (i.e. gets violated nasally by beer), they must also drink every single open can of beer!

Alternative Version

This version can be player with just 2 willing participants. As before, one can out of a six pack is violently shaken and placed back in a box with the other cans. The first player then mixes the cans up out of sight of the second player, and then the second player does the same, out of sight of the first player.

Now, one person picks a can, holds it to their head at an angle, and opens it. If it’s not the shaken one, they have to drink it and the next player takes one and tries. If it is the shaken one, they get very wet, and the game starts all over again.

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