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Beer Cricket

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Beer cricket can be played to enhance any beer drinking occasion, especially when played with a group of mates on a hot summer’s day. You’ll need a bit of equipment before you start, including:

  • Beer
  • A frisbee
  • Four empty beer bottles
  • A cup
  • A soft playing surface such as grass or sand

How to Play

Place two beer bottles next to each other, about a Frisbee-length apart. Position a similar pair of beer bottles at a distance of approximately 30 feet. Finally, set a cup of beer in between the 2 pairs of bottles.

Each team of stands behind a pair of bottles, with teammates positioned behind the same bottles (i.e. not opposite each other). Each player then takes it in turn to try to hit the either bottle with the Frisbee. If the Frisbee does not make it to the opponents’ bottles, the other team may shoot from that advanced spot.

If the Frisbee passes between the two bottles without knocking either over, it is called a “tweener”. A team that collects 3 tweeners gains a point.

When someone hits one of the bottles, that team scores a point. That team also gets an opportunity to score a conversion (2 extra points) during a melee. To do this, the player who scored the point must run to the other side and behind the line created by the opposing team’s bottles (they don’t’ have to be directly behind the bottles). They must then try to hit their own team’s bottles with the Frisbee. Their teammate may redirect the Frisbee whilst it’ i in the air to help knock bottle over. Whilst this is happening, as soon as the initial bottle is struck, a player from the opposite team charges towards the beer in the middle, and must drink the cup before they can face the side the other team is shooting from. They will then try to prevent the Frisbee from hitting the bottles, and will usually engage in physical play with to help defend them. Play stops either when they manage to touch the Frisbee or when the other team hits the bottles and completes the 3 point play.

Hitting both bottles, either on the original toss or during a melee, does not score additional points.

The game is played to 15 points.

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