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Beer Pong

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Physical dexterity and the memories of winning goldfish at the school summer fete.

How to Play

You will need as many team of three as you can find, a table, 12 1/2 pint glasses and a ping-pong ball. Here are the rules.

  • Two teams consisting of three players
  • Six cups per side
  • Each cup is filled with 1/2 pint beer
  • Cups are set up in a triangle formation
  • Ping pong ball must be bounced
  • The object is to get the ball in the opposing teams cup
  • If you make it then that team must drink that cup between the three of them
  • After team finishes that beer then it is there turn to shoot
  • Game goes back and forth until no cups are standing for one of the teams
  • The losing team then must finish the remaining beers of the winning team
  • Winning team stays on the table

This is the proper way for a student to play the game know as beer pong.

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