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Beer Bomb

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To play this highly skilful (well, as skilful as you can get when you’re drunk) game, you’ll need ping pong balls, 2 card tables, and of course, lots of beer.

How to Play

Set the 2 card tables up; the farther you set them apart, the greater the challenge. On the table furthest away from the players, set up a cup of beer for each player; use coloured cups or mark them so that you can tell which cup belongs to which player.

The players then stand at some distance behind the first table, and take it in turns to attempt to bounce a ball off the first table so that it lands in an opponent’s cup on the far table.

  • If the ball does not make it to the opposite table, that player must drink from their beer.
  • If a player lands the ball in their own cup, they must drink the entire beer with the ball in it.

If a player is successful in landing the ball in an opponent’s cup, the opponent must immediately bounce a ball into the cup of the successful player. If they manage to do this, the first player must drink their entire beer. However, if the defending player is unsuccessful, they must drink their entire cup of beer with the ball in it.

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