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This game is played by 2 teams of as many people as you want. You’ll need as many glasses as there are players in one team (all the glasses should be the same size and design), lots of beer bottle caps, and lots of beer.

How to Play

The two teams sit opposite each other, about 10 feet apart, with the glass placed mid-way between each pair of players. The players then take it in turns to try and throw a cap into their pair’s glass, play alternating between the players on opposite teams. Players who manage to get a cap into the glass are awarded a point, and the player on the other team has to drink. However, if that player then manages to get a cap in the glass on the following turn, then the first team must drink, and they also lose their point. This can continue back and forth, until a cap goes unanswered.

You may want to fill the glass with beer, and so teams that do not manage to answer a point (by scoring on the return play) have to drink the contents of the glass without swallowing the cap.

When a player reaches a score of 20, then their team wins. Players on one team then move one place to their left, so that they are battling a new opponent on each round.

The best thing about this game is that there are no real losers – everyone gets drunk!

Alternative Version

An alternative version of this game is played in pairs, with players facing each other across a table. Each player places a beer bottle in front of them, and puts a beer cap upside-down on top of the bottle.

Players then take it in turns to throw or flick their caps at the top of their opponent’s bottle; the winner is the first person to have 3 successful attacks of their opponent’s bottle. The loser must down the rest of their drink. Each time a cap is knocked off a bottle, the owner of that bottle must also drink 2 fingers of their drink.

The players then rotate so they take on a new opponent.

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