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Name That Tune

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This game is best played with an mp3 player or other source of music and involves naming the tune and the artist from a piece of music. Get it wrong and you risk the consequences!

How to Play

A DJ is chosen for each round, who chooses and plays 15 seconds of a song to each player in turn. The person whose turn it is must guess the name of the song and the artist.

  • If they cannot guess the song or the artist correctly, then they must down the rest of their drink.
  • If they can correctly guess the song OR the artist, then everyone else (including the DJ) drinks 1 finger.
  • If they guess the song AND the artist correctly, then all other players, including the DJ, drink 3 fingers.

Players can ask to hear more of the song, but incur an extra penalty of one finger for every extra 5 seconds of the song they hear, regardless of whether they then go on to guess it correctly or not.

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