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Super Pringles

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Super Pringles is a fun, social drinking game for 3-20 people; to play it you’ll need a ping pong ball, an empty Pringles tube, and some water.

How to Play

Fill the empty Pringles tube with water (or whatever liquid you feel like) so that it has enough liquid to float the ping pong ball in the top (making it easy to retrieve), but not so much that it will spill over easily during play. Players must sit in a circle around the tube, and then take it in turns to aim and throw the ping pong ball into the tube.

If the player manages to get the ball into the tube, they get to nominate another player, who must drink a certain amount of their alcoholic drink (decided before play starts). If this is a ‘weak’ drink, such as lager, beer or cider, 2 hefty swigs will usually suffice, whilst 2 sips may be taken if drinking spirits. Once they have taken their drink, this player then has the ball for the next shot, and play continues.

If the player misses the tube and the ball lands on the floor, the player who manages to grab it and pick it up first gets the next shot. Alternatively, this player may choose to pass the ball on to another player (especially if they have already picked it up a number of times) to help to keep all of the players involved.

If the player throwing the ball doesn’t manage to get it into the tube, but the ball bounces off the tube rim, the other players must try to catch the ball before it hits the floor. If the thrower manages to catch this rebound shot (this will be fairly rare), then they are allowed another throw. However, if any other player catches the rebound ball, the thrower then has to drink 1 hefty swig or 1 sip, and the player who caught the ball takes the next shot.

There are no real winners or losers of the game; Super Pringles is simply designed for having fun with friends or for ‘breaking the ice’ at parties; everyone tends to get very involved in the game and it helps to promote a good, happy vibe.

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