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Flip the Cup

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You’ll need 6-12 people (divided into 2 teams) to play Flip the Cup, along with some beer (obviously), some plastic cups and a long table.

How to Play

Line the 2 teams up on opposite sides of the table, and get every player to fill their cup with about 2 shots of beer. When everyone is ready, the command is given to GO! and the 2 players at the head of the table down their drink. As soon as they do this, they must then flip their empty cup by placing it right way up halfway off the edge of the table. They must then place their fingers under the part hanging off the table, and flip the cup so that it lands upside down on the table. As soon as the cup is flipped, then the next player downs their drink and flips their cups, and so on down the line.

The first team to have all players drink and flip their cups wins the game.

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