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Zuma Zuma

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A slow game at first but once you get in to it its great all you need is at least 3 people and area to sit preferably at a table.

We often call it bang bang slap slap for lack of a better name.

How to Play

The game starts off by some one creating a beat by clapping their hands twice and slapping the table (or the knees or the ground) twice and the beats starts SLOWLY! Once the beat is set up the first player does his “move” and then someone else’s “move” and that someone else does their “move” and then another person’s “move” etc. The first person to get it wrong drinks.

A “move” can be anything you want, but if its to complex it will become too hard, because when you’re drinking things tend to get fast very quickly.

Some example moves are:

  • Trucker (he pulls his arm down like he’s honking the horn of a truck)
  • Riding the **** (what ever you want) (he makes two fists and moves them up and down like he’s riding ****(what ever you want)

NB: if you use music the game won’t work as well, as the beat won’t change which is half the fun.

More Info From Rachel 6

Rachel recently contacted us giving us a bit more information about the game and it’s original name, which is as follows:

…It’s called ZUMA, ZUMA! it’s a super old frat party game. You can do the same thing with numbers (each person picks a number, they say their number twice [to go along with the beat] and then someone else’s number and it continues). Or you can play with different types of f***. Hot f***, or wet f***. and follow the same rules, say it like this… hot F****, hot f****, better than a wet f****…. But when someone messes up you have to say “AAHHH, you effed up, you effed up, so drink mother licker drink mother licker((or whatever you want to put there) drink! 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, (drink for 10 seconds and everyone yells it) then it starts over again. We start ours out with “aaaahhhhh f*** me up” then begin the boom, boom, clap, clap.

Thank you Rachel for the extra info.

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