Family Guy Drinking Game

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How to Play

Put on some episodes of Family Guy, and drink the following penalties:

1 Drink

  • Peter does something really stupid
  • Peter’s trademark laugh
  • Quagmire goes “OOH!” “giggity giggity” or “ALL RIGHT!”
  • Flashbacks
  • Peter drinks a beer/gets drunk
  • Lois makes dinner
  • Stewie says “Victory is mine!
  • Scene driving in the family car
  • Peter says “Sweet”
  • Stewie has a weapon
  • Stewie chatting with a random adult
  • Brian is drinking alcohol/smoking a cigarette
  • Quahog News is on
  • Trisha Takinowa reports

2 Drinks

  • Scene that is intentionally dragged on
  • Brian and Stewie fight/make fun of each other
  • Peter talks on the phone
  • Joe says “All right, lets do it!”
  • Chris says a good one-liner/does something stupid

3 Drinks

  • Someone falls down
  • Completely random scene

Finish Beer

  • Evil Monkey appearance
  • Parody of another cartoon show
  • Someone/Group breaks out into a song
  • Kid with upside-down head appearance
  • Stewie imagines having a ‘sexy party’
  • William Shatner appearance
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