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Friends Drinking Game

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How to Play

Gather your mates around the telly, and place drinks within easy reach. Drink when instructed to do so; in case of confusion over whether or not to drink, always err on the side of drinking!

Take a sip if:

  • Rachel calls someone “Honey”
  • Chandler says a “Chandlerism”
  • Phoebe says a “Phoebism”
  • If Ross takes longer to say a sentence than a normal person would
  • Any of the friends drinks a coffee product (or mentions it)
  • A celebrity makes an appearance
  • The hallway between Monica/Rachel’s and Chandler/Joey’s apartment is shown
  • The exterior of Central Perk is shown
  • Any of the six are shown at work (2 sips if they’re actually doing any work)
  • The exterior of Monica/Rachel’s and Chandler/Joey’s apartment building is shown
  • Any two or more main characters hug (2 sips if it’s Ross and Rachel)
  • Gunther moans to himself how much he loves/wants Rachel
  • Any of the main character’s parents show up
  • Joey doesn’t understand something that should be totally obvious (2 sips if you didn’t get it either)
  • Any animal is shown or spoken about (Smelly Cat, a chick, a duck, etc.)
  • Ross and Rachel touch each other
  • Ross and Rachel argue

Take a gulp if:

  • All six main characters hang out in Monica/Rachel’s apartment
  • The inside of Phoebe’s apartment is shown
  • Any of the six eat something that isn’t considered normal food (fat, leg wax, etc.) (2 gulps if you’ve eaten it before)
  • Phoebe plays a song on her guitar (2 gulps if it makes no sense or has no point)
  • The inside of Ross’ apartment is shown
  • One of the six do something obviously out of character (2 gulps if it drives you crazy)
  • Any of the six drink a bottled beverage
  • Anyone makes a reference to an old TV show (2 gulps if you used to watch it)
  • Ross mentions Ben, Carol, or Susan
  • Phoebe dates a weirdo (2 gulps if you’ve dated someone just like them)
  • Joey goes on an audition
  • Any of the six main characters kiss a non-main character
  • Ross gets jealous
  • Mark makes a pass at Rachel
  • Phoebe drives her grandma’s taxi (2 gulps if the passengers have pillows)
  • Joey and Chandler get a new piece of furniture (2 gulps if Joey built it)
  • Monica does something anal-retentive (2 gulps if you do it too)
  • All six main characters play a game (poker, Twister, Happy Days Game, etc.)
  • Phoebe’s brother does or says something weird (2 gulps if you do it too)
  • Any main character get mad at another main character (drink everything in sight and lose faith in sit-com television if they don’t make up by the end of the show, or in a year if it’s Ross and Rachel)

Chug your entire drink if:

  • Monica dates a decent guy (other than Richard)
  • Marcel ever returns
  • Joey actually understands the opposite sex
  • Phoebe says something sensible
  • Ben talks or has any facial expression
  • Joey offers good love-life advice to anyone
  • Any of the six drink alcohol
  • Phoebe’s dad actually shows up
  • Dr. Green is nice to Ross
  • Chandler drops his sarcastic, cynical facade
  • Janice laughs (chug 2 drinks if it makes you wince)

Drink everything in sight if:

  • Ugly Naked Guy is fully shown
  • Pete becomes the Ultimate Fighting Champion
  • Chandler stops making smart-ass comments
  • Paolo shows up
  • Ross kills Mark
  • Phoebe and Ursula get along
  • Gunther asks Rachel out
  • Chandler becomes gay
  • Barry and Mindy reproduce
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