The Simpsons Drinking Game

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This is complicated so make sure you print this out. Don’t worry it is well worth it.

How to Play

  1. During the show, every player drinks once/twice/three times (depending on classification) for categories one through three.
  2. Every supporting character class is divided by the number of players. Each player chooses an equal number of supporting characters and drinks whenever one of their characters appears on screen for the first time, even if they do not speak.
    NOTE: Characters can be picked anonymously (names in a hat, etc.) or players can choose their characters.
  3. During “The Opening” – drink once every time you see one of the following things:
    a) The Blackboard
    b) The Couch gag
    c) Lisa plays her sax
    d) Maggie is scanned across the register ($847.63)
    e) Mr. Burns checks his watch
    f) Marge runs the stop sign
    g) Homer screams in the driveway
    h) The panoramic shot of Springfield


  • Homer says D’oh!
  • Homer laughs
  • Homer says “Mmmmmm…{food item}”
  • Barney belches
  • Marge growls
  • Maggie falls
  • Anyone on screen is seen drinking an alcoholic beverage (per scene!)
  • For every credit Troy McClure lists


  • Bart makes a crank phone call
  • Any Biblical references/stab at religion
  • Patty and Selma light up/or are seen smoking (once per scene)
  • Nelson laughs
  • Homer strangles Bart

Three times:

  • Grandpa falls asleep
  • Cross dressing – anyone
  • Itchy & Scratchy cartoon begins (you’ll want a buzz, won’t you?)
  • Drug reference/Any character “trips” out
  • Smithers uses a homosexual innuendo
  • Moe pulls a weapon



Level 1: (one drink)

  • Mr. Burns
  • Smithers
  • Krusty
  • Apu
  • The Bullies – Jimbo, Dolph, Kearney (once for every one!)
  • Milhouse
  • Martin
  • Mrs. Krabapple
  • Ned Flanders
  • Chief Wiggum
  • Otto
  • Grandpa Simpson
  • Moe

Level 2: (two drinks!)

  • Troy McClure
  • Celebrity guest appearance
  • Principal Skinner
  • Mayor Diamond Joe Quimby
  • Reverend Lovejoy
  • Kent Brockman
  • Ralph
  • Santa’s Little Helper
  • Appearance by former/current U.S. President (Nixon excluded)
  • Lionel Hutz
  • Nelson
  • Dr. Julius Hibbert
  • Groundskeeper Willie

Level 3: (three drinks!)

  • Dr. Nick Riviera
  • Sherri & Terri
  • Sideshow Bob Terwilliger
  • Mrs. Hoover
  • Jasper
  • Rod Flanders
  • Todd Flanders
  • Snowball II
  • Captain MacAllister
  • Mexican Bumblebee Man
  • The Italian Chef
  • Maggie’s Enemy, the One Eyebrowed Baby
  • Burns Lawyer(s)

Level 4: (four drinks)

  • Sanjay – (Apu’s brother)
  • Professor John Frink
  • Herman
  • McBain
  • Helen Lovejoy
  • Maude Flanders
  • Mrs. Winfield
  • Hitler
  • Hans Moleman
  • Richard Nixon
  • Dr. Marvin Monroe
  • Bill and Marty

NOTE: Feel free to change the rules to suit your “drinking habits”.

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