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The X-Files Drinking Game

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To play this game you’ll need something to drink and some episodes of the X-Files. You can take sips and gulps of beer, wine or mixed drinks, or if you want to get wasted, use a whole load of pre-poured shots or half-shots laid out on the table.

How to Play

You’ll need to take a drink every time one of the following situations takes place – as soon as you see it yell DRINK!!!! – whoever shouts it first does not have to take a sip.

1 Drink

  • A computer does something computers cannot do.
  • Mulder or Scully smile.
  • Scully is called “Dana.”
  • Mulder is called “Fox.”
  • Scully gives some long “scientific” explanation.
  • Mulder utters a wry witticism or “Mulderism” (two sips if Scully actually smiles as a result).
  • Any character, including Mulder or Scully, shows their badge.
  • Scully calls a connection/evidence “purely circumstantial” or “scientifically impossible.”
  • Mulder happens to know/notice some obscure fact which later helps solve the case.
  • You see Smoking Man (smoking or not).
  • Mulder talks to Deep Throat or Mr. X.
  • Lone Gunmen appear/are consulted.
  • Mulder or Scully call each other on cell phone and say, “It’s me” or “Where are you?”
  • Scully does an autopsy.
  • Mulder or Scully is using a car-battery-powered Super-Flashlight.
  • Scully misses the proof of a paranormal event.
  • Scully goes into a dark room and yells, “MULDER!?!”
  • Mulder goes into a dark room and yells, “SCULLY!?!”
  • Mulder loses or destroys his overcoat, and later appears wearing it again as if nothing had happened.
  • Skinner is seen outside of FBI Headquarters.

2 Drinks

  • Mulder and Scully actually touch each other, anywhere, anyhow.
  • Scully happens to know/notice some obscure fact which later helps solve the case.
  • Scully gets kidnapped.
  • Scully tells Mulder to “get some sleep.”
  • Mulder’s sister is mentioned (by him or anyone else).
  • Mulder or Scully actually shoot their guns.
  • Smoking Man smokes in front of a “No Smoking” sign.
  • Scully wears any footwear other than pumps.
  • Mulder puts a masking-tape X on the window.
  • Mulder or Scully have a date or romantic encounter (not with each other).
  • A mutant/alien/monster kills someone.
  • Scully is called “Starbuck.”
  • Mulder is called “Spooky.”
  • Scully smokes a cigarette, or Mulder has a drink.
  • Scully drives.
  • The credits say something other than “The Truth is Out There.”
  • Well-Manicured Man (or any other of the mysterious cabal) appears.

Finish the Bottle:

  • Mulder and Scully kiss or say, “I love you.”
  • You actually see an alien or UFO.
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