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Also known as Who Shit.

Another great game that requires no props except for the obligatory booze. A smashing way to get plastered.

How to Play

The game begins with all of the players involved gathering around a table. Every player must choose a name, usually the name of an animal, but it can be anything that will fit in with the ending “shit.” For example, some popular names are dog, cow, sheep and horse. These would then translate into dogshit, cowshit, sheepshit and horseshit. Get it? Good.

Now that we all have our names, one player, either by choice or by election, tells a short story. The story can be as long or as short as you want, but it is suggested that you keep it under a minute in length, (unlike this explanation).

The story must end with the line, ” and I stepped in some ____ shit.” In the blank would be the name of one of the players. So you would be saying, ” and I stepped in some dog shit,” for example.

Once a players name has been called, that player has to respond with “Bullshit!”

The player who started the game would then say, “Who shit?”

The player who called out, “Bullshit” must then pick another player and say “____ shit.” (cow shit for example)

If any player messes up they drink and that player starts the game over with a new story that ends with the, “and I stepped in some ___ shit” line.

Make sense? Perfectly clear? No Questions? We thought so. Here is a sample round to clarify. (We will use letters to simplify)

A: One day I was walking down the road and I stepped in a big pile of some B-shit.
B: Bullshit.
A: Who shit?
B: C-shit.
C: Bullshit.
B: Who shit?
C: D-shit.
D: Bullshit.
C: Who shit?
D: Bullshit. (D has committed a classic blunder and should now drink and be humiliated. D should have named another player instead of saying Bullshit. D would now start the game again with a new story.)

To make it harder some people don’t allow you to name the person who just named you (make sure you have more than two players for this one eh?)

Got it now? If you don’t, re-read the rules. This game becomes very difficult for those who have consumed much beverage. If you can remember everyones name, alright at least two other people, then you will be okay.

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