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This is a fast-paced game, which can surprise you with what your friends know… just as much as what they don’t know!

How to Play

Play begins with a person, designated the caller, choosing a category. This can be anything (types of farm animal, football players from a particular team, flavours of ice cream, porn star names).

The caller then points to (and optionally says the name of) another player who must name an item that falls within the category. If that player manages to think of something within that category, they then point to another player who must do the same. When a player cannot name an item (or repeats an item that has already been said), they must take a drink, and then they become the caller. They pick a new category, indicate another player and play continues. However, if they chooses category that has already been used, they must finish their drink.

The game is best when played fairly quickly, 5 seconds or so should be enough time for someone to answer. General consensus determines whether or not someone has taken too long and thus they must drink.

You may also decide to use the no point back rule; if Graham points at Sue, then she cannot point back to Graham, and must pick another player.

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