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Fifteen is a game of memory and reaction. Basically numbers are substituted for actions or words. When it is time to react you do so in an appropriate fashion. If you do not, you are punished, which of course means drinking.

How to Play

Players arrange themselves in a circle around a table and the individual chosen to begin the game does so by starting a count. He or she begins with “one” and , moving in a clock wise motion, each player thereafter continues counting aloud until the number fifteen is reached. The individual calling the number fifteen is now allowed to make a rule. A rule is simply defined as a substitution of a number in the count for a word (“Baklava”), phrase (“Touch me, I am fertile”), or simple action (perhaps a scratching of the butt would suffice).

The count resumes with the player who has made the rule and continues along in the fashion described earlier, inserting rules in place of numbers that have yet to be spoken for. For instance, if at some point during the game a player calling fifteen has decided that instead of the number three an individual must say “Where’s the dildo Kenny?” A player who is third in the count and does not say “Where’s the dildo Kenny?” has screwed up and must drink and the count begins again with the player to his or her left. If they remember to follow the applicable rule the count continues on to the left and the fourth player must follow the appropriate rule or state four if none yet exists. When following a rule, a player cannot say the number a rule was made for. For instance, “3! Where’s the dildo Kenny?” is just dead wrong.

Forgetting a rule, confusing a rule and a number, tardy reactions, or carrying out a rule in a manner unsatisfactory to the other players should not be tolerated. Players cannot make a rule for fifteen, this should be left to help clarify when a round has been completed and it is time for a new rule. Once all numbers have been replaced by rules, except for fifteen, players may replace rules with new rules or decide to begin a new game.

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