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I Have Never …

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Great game to break down all those embarrassing barriers, oh and you get to drink a lot too.

How to Play

Very simple. You all sit round in a circle and take it in turns to tell the group something starting with I Have Never… For instance I might say “I have never watched Match of the Day naked”. Then everybody that has done it has to drink. Its a great way of embarrassing others little secrets that you know about (i.e. I have never slept with the boss eyed girl in Flat 4:E). Of course now your poor embarrassed friend must reveal his revelation to the group by taking a big slug of booze.

The important thing is that before beginning the game all present must agree to be completely honest and swear that any incriminating evidence that surfaces during the game will never be repeated again. Try not to horribly damage someone’s reputation and, for God sakes, don’t play if your other half is present!

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