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Ibble Dibble

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A slightly easier alternative version (see below for details) is known as Spots.

This tongue-twisting drinking game required any number of players around a table, a cork and a lighter or matches.

How to Play

First of all, assign a number to each player around the table (i.e. numbers 1 to 7 if there are 7 players). Then, using the lighter or matches, blacken one end of the cork.

There are two pieces of terminology used in the game:

  • ibble dibble – which is used to refer to players in the game
  • dibble ibble – which is used to refer to a black mark on a player’s face made by the cork

The first person starts by passing play onto somebody else by stating the following information:

  1. who they are
  2. how many black marks they have
  3. who they are passing play onto
  4. how many black marks that player has

For example, if player 1 passes onto player 3, then they say:

“This is number 1 ibble dibble with no dibble ibbles calling number 3 ibble dibble with no dibble ibbles”.

Player 4 then immediately responds in a similar fashion, passing on to whoever they choose. If there are any hesitations, incorrect wording or getting the number of dibble ibbles wrong, then the culprit receives a black mark from the cork on the face and drinks 2 fingers.

Later play might therefore include statements such as:

“This is number 2 ibble dibble with 4 dibble ibbles calling number 5 ibble dibble with 7 dibble ibbles”.

Alternative Version (Spots)

Spots is played almost in the exact same way as Ibble Dibble, but with 2 major differences:

  • each player is known as One Spot, Two Spot, Three Spot… etc (rather than Ibble Dibble number One etc), and
  • the phrase used to pass on to another player is:
    • “This is [players name], I have [how many spots on their face], [players name]to [new players name]”

Thus, if player 1 passes onto player 3, then they must say:

“This is One Spot, I have no Spots, One Spot to Three Spot”.

As with Ibble Dibble, if the player hesitates, messes their words up, gives a wrong name, or forgets how many spots they have, they must take a drink and are given a spot on their face.

Thus, later play might include statements such as:

This is Two Spot, I have Four Spots, Two Spot to Seven Spot”.

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