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Let’s Go Camping

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How to Play

The first player thinks of a place to go camping (without saying it out loud), and the rest of the group must try to guess where that place is by asking questions about what they might find at that place.

For example, if the first player has decided that they’re going camping in a office, then the first questioner might say “I’m going camping and I’m taking a deckchair”; as there aren’t any deckchairs in an office, then this person must drink. The next player may say “I’m going camping and I’m taking a pen”; they don’t have to drink as this is a correct statement as there are pens in an office. The game ends when someone correctly guesses what the place is. If someone takes a guess however, and they are wrong, then they must finish their drink. The person who guesses right gets to choose the next place, and the game can continue.

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